CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 11

Christmas Day, and for what we experienced last night, it really does feel like Christmas, all I needed was my family. Merry Christmas Kasia, Keagan, Bradley and Kinga. Miss you and love you stax.

I forgot to mention that yesterday Zoot arrived with the engine for Tony’s bike, had a quick beer with us and drove straight back to Bloemfontein. That’s a 350 km round trip for total strangers, how crazy is this Christmas. People have accused us of being heroes and said that we have inspired them, well I think that the real heroes and the real inspiration has been all the people we have met along the way that have welcomed us into their homes and their lives. We could not have got this far without these people and both Tony and I are different because of these incredible people of South Africa, you guys are our heroes. The other people that I believe are the heroes are all the people that have donated to our charity, Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust, you are the heroes of all of the kids out there suffering from this horrible disease, thank you for your generosity. Lastly but definitely not least, the kids with cancer that we are riding for, you are so brave and so positive and thankful for what you have, you inspire us and you are my heroes!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to all you heroes out there. To be continued…………

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After many years in business, mostly being self employed and enjoying many things this great country has to offer, it is finally time to leave South Africa. My partner & daughter have already relocated to Poland & I am planning my adventure through Africa & Europe with my mode of transport being a Motorized Bicycle, my trusty steed "Dale" as seen in my Profile Picture. Hopefully on completion of this journey I will be the first to achieve this route through Africa on a Motorized Bicycle. Why am I doing this? Well firstly because it is something I have always wanted to do. Secondly, I have gone through many traumatic experiences over the past few years, some of which could have taken my life and the bucket of my bucket list would still have been full. It is just time for me to start living & putting my bucket list into action.

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