CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 8

We got up early and took Zoot and his cute granddaughter for breakfast. We needed to buy spares and find a bicycle shop to service Tony’s bike. The wheels were all wobbly again and it needed someone that new what they were doing. Zoot took us to Cycle world in Bloemfontein. I have never been in a cycle shop that is so professional and so brilliant at what they do, you guys really rock. If anyone needs anything bicycle related in Bloemfontein, go and see Morne and his team of experts.

The day had gone by very quickly and it was clear the we would not be covering any great distance. I knew of a place just 40km south of Bloemfontein where we could camp but it meant dirt roads again because the only other way was highway. We had learned not to mess with the Free State law. So we made the decision and went for it. The road was rough as expected but we were going really slowly and besides a few punctures, we had another great ride. My bike, ARDmore had been absolutely incredible the whole way so far with only that one minor problem. Tony’s bike had been giving problems since day 2 but was now starting to really go well. We got to Tom’s Place and what a great decision that was to leave Bloemfontein and at least get some riding done. It is one of the cleanest camp sites I have come across and we really enjoyed our stay.

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After many years in business, mostly being self employed and enjoying many things this great country has to offer, it is finally time to leave South Africa. My partner & daughter have already relocated to Poland & I am planning my adventure through Africa & Europe with my mode of transport being a Motorized Bicycle, my trusty steed "Dale" as seen in my Profile Picture. Hopefully on completion of this journey I will be the first to achieve this route through Africa on a Motorized Bicycle. Why am I doing this? Well firstly because it is something I have always wanted to do. Secondly, I have gone through many traumatic experiences over the past few years, some of which could have taken my life and the bucket of my bucket list would still have been full. It is just time for me to start living & putting my bucket list into action.

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