CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 14

Two weeks into this epic adventure and it just seems to be getting better and better. I cannot believe that I have lived in South Africa for 44 years and have not experienced it like this before. Its almost disappointing that as I am leaving this beautiful country, I am experiencing it properly for the first time. The people of this country have surprised me. Living in Johannesburg, we live in what feels like a jail and we are unsafe whenever we step outside, not that you are safe indoors. This is not South Africa though, the real South Africa is when you go off the beaten track and meet the incredible people of all races. The real South Africa I only discovered on this journey and we still have a way to go.

Today we are attempting to ride to Carnarvon, 150 km away. However we have enjoyed Trans Karoo Country Lodge so much, we ride back to town for Tea and Scones, why not? Its strange how things turn out. We met many people yesterday at this cosy little lodge. While sitting in the courtyard enjoying our meal and beer, it felt like we were being watched, well its because we were. Initially we just thought it was because we were dirty and we looked pretty rough. It turns out that people were talking about us and they were all on Google trying to find out who we were. They would look at their phones and then discreetly point at us. It looks like we were good entertainment for the patrons of Trans Karoo Country Lodge. One family explained that they had heard about us on the radio. So we meet this really nice guy, Ryno, and we chat to him about our journey and riding to raise funds for Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust. He asks us not to leave just yet and disappears briefly. He comes holding R500 for the charity. Wow Ryno, thank you so much for your donation. It is people like like that have been making me realize how important what we are doing is to make a difference in the lives of others. Ryno said he donated because we had inspired him and that just makes us more inspired to continue on our journey and raise as much awareness and money for this worthy cause. We are humbled and honored to be the vehicle for the little kids out there fighting for their lives.

Another long day in the saddle but we have made Carnarvon just in time to get some beers. We were enjoying an ice cold one when we were approached by the local pastor. He invited us to his restaurant for dinner and directed us to the camp site. Dinner was great, camp site, well how do we describe this experience. It was like we were back in Parys but this time with no lights. We were informed that another couple were camping there too so at least there was going to be one more tent. As I entered the camp site, I headed directly towards this other lone tent, I did not want us to be on our own here. We weren’t there long and this rather large figure came up to us and explained that we should rather camp on the other side around the corner as there was light and there was also electricity access points. At this point we were not sure whether he didn’t want us there or he was actually being friendly. So we made our way to the other side and it was a lot better except for the huge pine trees that were leaning so far over it was just a matter of time before they came down. We set up camp and tucked in for the night.

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After many years in business, mostly being self employed and enjoying many things this great country has to offer, it is finally time to leave South Africa. My partner & daughter have already relocated to Poland & I am planning my adventure through Africa & Europe with my mode of transport being a Motorized Bicycle, my trusty steed "Dale" as seen in my Profile Picture. Hopefully on completion of this journey I will be the first to achieve this route through Africa on a Motorized Bicycle. Why am I doing this? Well firstly because it is something I have always wanted to do. Secondly, I have gone through many traumatic experiences over the past few years, some of which could have taken my life and the bucket of my bucket list would still have been full. It is just time for me to start living & putting my bucket list into action.

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