CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 15

Its morning and time to get out of dodge. We have been riding the bikes really hard since De Aar and the bikes really need a good service before we go. I realize that my back tyre will not last much longer so I decide to put a new tyre and while at it, a new tube. We enjoy our coffee, finish up with the bikes, pack up tent and ready to roll on and I have a flat wheel. The wheel I have just put a new Tyre and Tube. So unpack the tools and check the tube, I had pinched the tube. Can’t believe that I could do something like that. Fix the puncture, pump it to check and it goes down again. Check again, find another hole, and another, fix them and check again. Yes you guessed it, it went down again. Finally Tony has had enough, its 11am and we have been packing since 7am. We cannot find this last mysterious hole. This huge figure, that we met last night comes up to us and it turns out he is a friendly chap after all. He brings us a bucket of water and we find this elusive hole. Nice meeting you Arthur and Elaine, good luck with 2019 and we hope things work out for the two of you.

Time to hit the road and we are aiming for Williston 150 km away, another place I haven’t heard of but we are in the incredible Namaqualand now, somewhere I have always wanted to explore. We have been experiencing some strong head winds and it is making riding a little tough. Now we start approaching a fairly mountainous area and this wind is becoming a challenge. It is a hot and dry wind and the temperature is hovering around 40 Degrees Celsius. One of the things I have wanted to do since entering the Karoo is to swim in a resovoir. It just seems like an innocent, mischievous thing to do, but the main aim is to cool down. We have been doing really well and we are making good time. I come across this little pond that looks like the perfect place for this swim I was so looking forward to. It looks like an oasis, perfect in every respect. Tony however is not so convinced. Its about 500 meters from the road and we would have to leave our bikes, jump the fence and Tony is right, its just too far. So off we go again and Tony suddenly starts to swerve all over the road. Again my initial thought was what is this lunatic doing? What happened next was just insane. The bike snaps in three places on the frame. Fortunately Tony managed to control things to a point and he never went down with the bike. At this point I was not sure how we would get out of this one and things did not look good. While carrying the bike out of the road, I just told Tony to waive down the first vehicle, we desperately needed help. We were hardly out the road and a pickup was approaching very quickly and we managed to waive him down. It was a local farmer from the area and he offered to give us a lift to Williston 50 km away. I however felt that I needed to ride and said that I would meet him in Williston. It is Saturday the 29th of December in the Karoo. To find a welder on a Saturday was very unlikely. We were facing only getting away on Wednesday 2nd December if we were lucky and if this bike could even be put together again. Many things were going through my mind at this point, including the possibility of riding to Cape Town on my own. This is not what I wanted but it seemed like a distinct possibility. I still had 50km to go and I had to focus and think of options to get Tony to Cape Town on a bike. I was thinking that we could surely buy another bicycle and build him another bike to finish what we had started. Things were about to become even more challenging. The westerly wind really started to blow hard and straight into my face. The downhill felt like a massive climb and the uphills seemed like they would never end. I was stopping every 3 to 4 km just to catch my breath, have a drink of water and give the engine a little rest. I started to run out of water and was starting to question my decision to ride these 50 km to Williston. Just as I was nearing Williston, I got a call from Tony, he informed me that he had got some supplies and was on his way to Corrie’s farm, the gentleman that had given him a lift to town. This meant I had another 22 Km away. As I arrived in Williston I found beer and I drank a few before setting off again. I made Corrie’s farm as the sun was going down. I could not believe what I saw when I arrived, Tony’s bike was in one piece again. Tony showed what it means to be focused and determined to finish what you start. The was no way that this was going to stop him.

Tony has taught me so much on this trip and my respect went to another level here. I asked him later on if he had at any stage, with everything he had gone through, did he ever consider giving up or think he would not make it to Cape Town. His reply was instant and firm that it never even crossed his mind that he would give up. He was almost surprised at my question. At this point I realized that I realized that nothing was going to stop this man from conquering our quest to become the first to ride from Joburg to Cape Town on motorized bicycles. Tony, you inspired me to another level at this point and to all those kids out there fighting for their lives, never give up fighting. Tony continued to weld until 9pm that night until Corrie invited us for dinner. We were in for quite a treat that we really needed at this point. Karoo lamb, Wagyu beef, venison pie, potato salad and other good food. What a treat, thanks Corrie, you are another example of one of great people here that make South Africa great and makes me proud to be South African. Corrie is a 4th generation farmer and one of the premier stud farmers in South Africa.

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 14

Two weeks into this epic adventure and it just seems to be getting better and better. I cannot believe that I have lived in South Africa for 44 years and have not experienced it like this before. Its almost disappointing that as I am leaving this beautiful country, I am experiencing it properly for the first time. The people of this country have surprised me. Living in Johannesburg, we live in what feels like a jail and we are unsafe whenever we step outside, not that you are safe indoors. This is not South Africa though, the real South Africa is when you go off the beaten track and meet the incredible people of all races. The real South Africa I only discovered on this journey and we still have a way to go.

Today we are attempting to ride to Carnarvon, 150 km away. However we have enjoyed Trans Karoo Country Lodge so much, we ride back to town for Tea and Scones, why not? Its strange how things turn out. We met many people yesterday at this cosy little lodge. While sitting in the courtyard enjoying our meal and beer, it felt like we were being watched, well its because we were. Initially we just thought it was because we were dirty and we looked pretty rough. It turns out that people were talking about us and they were all on Google trying to find out who we were. They would look at their phones and then discreetly point at us. It looks like we were good entertainment for the patrons of Trans Karoo Country Lodge. One family explained that they had heard about us on the radio. So we meet this really nice guy, Ryno, and we chat to him about our journey and riding to raise funds for Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust. He asks us not to leave just yet and disappears briefly. He comes holding R500 for the charity. Wow Ryno, thank you so much for your donation. It is people like like that have been making me realize how important what we are doing is to make a difference in the lives of others. Ryno said he donated because we had inspired him and that just makes us more inspired to continue on our journey and raise as much awareness and money for this worthy cause. We are humbled and honored to be the vehicle for the little kids out there fighting for their lives.

Another long day in the saddle but we have made Carnarvon just in time to get some beers. We were enjoying an ice cold one when we were approached by the local pastor. He invited us to his restaurant for dinner and directed us to the camp site. Dinner was great, camp site, well how do we describe this experience. It was like we were back in Parys but this time with no lights. We were informed that another couple were camping there too so at least there was going to be one more tent. As I entered the camp site, I headed directly towards this other lone tent, I did not want us to be on our own here. We weren’t there long and this rather large figure came up to us and explained that we should rather camp on the other side around the corner as there was light and there was also electricity access points. At this point we were not sure whether he didn’t want us there or he was actually being friendly. So we made our way to the other side and it was a lot better except for the huge pine trees that were leaning so far over it was just a matter of time before they came down. We set up camp and tucked in for the night.

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 12 & 13

Now we had to get serious about making up some time and try to make De Aar some 140 km away via the N1 to Hanover (again against the law) and then the N10 to De Aar. The road to Hanover was uneventful on the N1. The most exciting part was the cops and there speed traps, I was trying to figure out how fast we were going.

We reached Hanover and by now Tony & I had realized that as we entered the Karoo, the Old Town Hotels were going to be our target. You can just feel the history and imagine the stories told 100 years ago in these incredible surroundings. After a few beers and some lunch, Tony felt he needed to change his rear tyre. I was not so keen on this and thought he could make De Aar, so I ordered more beers, became a lazy sloth in this unrelenting 36 deg heat and watched as he changed tyres on the Hotel patio. I think that when I started this tour, this would have annoyed me but as the tour progressed, I learnt to start enjoying these moments. Every time we stopped or had a breakdown, we met some amazing people and it was becoming part of this incredible story, so I quickly learnt to embrace these moments. Right, tyre on, time to hit the road after an extended stay in Hanover. Our target was De Aar and the heat was not going to let up. We had another 63 km to go and this was not going to be easy as it was already nearly 4pm.

Things were going very well until suddenly, yes you guessed it, Tony’s bike down again. We were about 30 km from De Aar and the bike had no spark. Change spark plug, nothing, what could this be now? Finally I got on the bike and pedaled like crazy and the bike fired up, great, switched off and off we went, or NOT! It just refused to start. I was eyeing out a farmhouse not too far from where we were. I saw a car riding out on the dirt road and I spontaneously just jumped on my bike and headed for that car. As I approached the car I found two young ladies and asked them if it was their farm. It was their fathers farm and I told them of our predicament and asked if we could possibly camp on their property. The farmer, Sakkie van Zyl came out to meet us and welcomed us onto his farm. We set up camp in their back yard and then their was some excitement to be had. A truck had arrived to collect some sheep and they had to be herded and loaded. I immediately asked if we could help and didn’t really wait for the answer. For a brief moment I had forgotten that we were on a first ever tour to Cape Town on motorized bicycles. I was in the moment and felt what it was like to be a Karoo sheep farmer, I was in my element. Once again, a breakdown had led to an experience that I would never forget. Sakkie, his wife Vivienne, his son and two daughters, we will always remember you for your hospitality and assistance, best oats I ever ate, thanks Vivienne! In the morning we assessed the situation and the only problem we could find was that no power was coming from the CDI unit. Before that we had changed the plug and the magneto, no joy. How were we going to find a CDI unit for a motorized bicycle in the middle of the Karoo. Zak, Sakkie’s son took Tony to town to see what they could find while I stayed behind and serviced my bike. They returned empty handed, we were in trouble once again. I decided to give Hilton a call, no one knows these engines better than him. Hilton is the importer of these little engines, his knowledge and experience has saved me on many occassion, check him out on . He gave me some advice and I told Tony to go inside and have breakfast, I wanted to do what Hilton had advised while he was not there. Put everything back together and it fired up straight away, thanks Hilton, you are a real champ. So once again, after saying goodbye to the great van Zyl family, thanks to the girls that brought us some much needed beers while packing up, we were on our way again. From De Aar we were heading for Britstown, again I had never heard of this little Karoo town but it sounded interesting once again. It was only 85 km from the farm where we were but it was already afternoon again and we had to get some kms behind us. After a quick stop in De Aar to get some meat and a few beers, the ride to Britstown was typical of what I was wanting to see of the Karoo. It has a beauty that has to be experienced. Its dry and baron with heavy winds and beautiful mountains but it is just something special with sheep and windmills scattered everywhere. My favorite little mountain as can be seen below, Mt Smiley.

It was a great ride to Britstown and the bikes were going very well again. On arrival we headed straight for the Hotel, the Trans Karoo Country Lodge. What a little gem this place is in the middle of nowhere.

We were a little hungry and needed something to wash down the ice cold beers we were enjoying. I took a look at the menu and took charge of the order. After all we were just going to have a snack because earlier we bought some T-bone steak and Karoo lamb for a braai (BBQ) later that evening. I ordered peri peri chicken livers and skilpaedtjies, a Karoo delicasy. liver and lamb fat. We shared the dishes and summoned the chef. What came out of the kitchen really surprised us, a tiny coloured lady that was extremely shy. We thanked her for the amazing food and she disappeared into her kitchen again. What another great day on our adventure. But it was not the end of this day’s adventures, we still needed a place to set up camp and have the braai we were really looking forward to so much. So we hit the road again just before sunset, trying to get just out of town and then find a place in the bush somewhere, wild camping. We road about 5 km out of town when I spotted a bridge and under here looked like a great place to stop and this was going to be home for the night. This was going to be a night to remember.

After a great meal, time to set up our tents and Tony thought he was just going to sleep in his sleeping bag under the bridge. I strongly advised against this and told him that we were in the territory of Caracal and the very shy but dangerous Brown Hyaena, never mind the foul tempered Puff Adder and possibly Cobras and that nasty little thing called a scorpion. I have never seen Tony put up a tent that quickly. Although the ground was hard, I fell asleep quickly and only woke up at sunrise, for Tony, it was not such a peaceful night.

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 11 Continued

After a wonderful Christmas Eve we had to wake up early and start fitting the new engine on Tony’s bike. By 11am it was just about done and our amazing host, Carin, insisted that we stay for Christmas lunch. How could we turn down such a request. Carin I am so pleased that Tony needed a new engine over Christmas and we feel privileged to have met you and definitely you taught me what Christmas is really about.

Finally we left this amazing little town Philippolis and we headed out just after a scrumptious Christmas lunch with Colesburg, 65 km away as our target. We made Colesburg, riding on a quiet but good R717. So without any further problems with the bikes we arrived just before sunset and me this awesome couple, Shaun & Charlen from Pretoria. They had their adventure bikes loaded on their vehicle and were headed for Tankwa National Park. Intrigued by our story and our bikes they suggested we meet up for drinks, which we naturally did. You two are an awesome couple and we hope to meet again to swap stories of our adventures. We arrived at the campsite quite late, around 10pm, set up our tents and were asleep very quickly. What a great Christmas!!!

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 11

Christmas Day, and for what we experienced last night, it really does feel like Christmas, all I needed was my family. Merry Christmas Kasia, Keagan, Bradley and Kinga. Miss you and love you stax.

I forgot to mention that yesterday Zoot arrived with the engine for Tony’s bike, had a quick beer with us and drove straight back to Bloemfontein. That’s a 350 km round trip for total strangers, how crazy is this Christmas. People have accused us of being heroes and said that we have inspired them, well I think that the real heroes and the real inspiration has been all the people we have met along the way that have welcomed us into their homes and their lives. We could not have got this far without these people and both Tony and I are different because of these incredible people of South Africa, you guys are our heroes. The other people that I believe are the heroes are all the people that have donated to our charity, Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust, you are the heroes of all of the kids out there suffering from this horrible disease, thank you for your generosity. Lastly but definitely not least, the kids with cancer that we are riding for, you are so brave and so positive and thankful for what you have, you inspire us and you are my heroes!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to all you heroes out there. To be continued…………

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 10 Continued

We have arrived at the Rooi Ooi and things were about to become better even though we were stranded with Tony’s broken bike. We have met many great people on this trip and we were about to come across another very special person.

But first it was time for breakfast and beer. We needed to come up with a plan and quickly. Jaycee joined us after breakfast, what an interesting woman. We all just hit it off immediately and it was the start of a great friendship.

After breakfast I decided to reach out on the CrazyNomad Whatsapp group that we really needed help and if anyone was traveling between Joburg and Cape Town, we really needed an engine delivered. Immediately Desmond Soekoe said he had an engine available immediately and anyone going through could collect from him, Thanks Des. Next we got a message from Zoot in Bloemfontein, he said if the engine can get to Bloemfontein, he would bring it to us. Wow, this is a total stranger that we only met a few days before, what a great man! Desmond then said he has a supplier in Bloemfontein and Zoot could collect from them immediately. Now this is 24 December, Christmas Eve 13h00, At 13h17, Zoot sent a message that he had the engine and was on his way. That is 175 km one way on Christmas eve, we were experiencing Christmas like never before. We decided to stay where we were as the beer was cold and the food was great. We had a really nice swim in the resovoir in the back of the yard of the Rooi Ooi and then were served an incredible fish and chips. By now we had met the ownerof the Rooi Ooi and I had asked her if we could camp in her back yard. She never even hesitated and at the same time invited us for Christmas dinner. Every 2nd year Carin hosts a Christmas dinner for people in Philippolis that are away from their family. Well apparently we qualified for this invitation. It is so rare in this world to find people that are so pure and such beautiful souls. By the way, Carin does this dinner in her restaurant at her own cost. I think about 25 people arrived and by the end of the evening it was like everyone was family. It was definitely a Christmas that I will never forget.

So now we had Breakfast, Lunch and Christmas dinner at the Rooi Ooi, don’t ask how many beers. Carin if I am in South Africa with my family again, we are coming, you can be sure of this.

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 9 & 10

After a really good nights rest, a fabulous braai and ice cold beers, many provided by our neighbours that came to chat to us about our tour and bikes we got a fairly early start and we were off to Philippolis. We were finally entering the Karoo, this is what we have been excited about since the beginning if this tour. We were challenged by Craig that if we reached Philippolis today, he would donate another R500.00 to Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust. This gave us the extra motivation we needed to push on. Unfortunately we were once again forced to hit the dirt roads once more, we had no choice. It was going to be 150 km of really tough riding and the bikes were going to take a beating once more.

About 20 km into the ride I got a puncture. We took this opportunity to enjoy breakfast an ice cold beer, the temperature was already soaring into the 30’s. After this we headed for our first town, Edenburg. Another one of those really strange establishments that when you get there, you are thrown back 40 years. The community however are so friendly and once again we needed help. I hit a piece of road at a reasonable speed that was so corrugated that my bike went bouncing all over the place. I carry the spare 5l fuel on my front rack and that went flying. The container full of fuel bounced off the dirt and puctured it. All our spare fuel gone.Fortunately when we arrived in Edenburg a very friendly chap offered us a new container. So we followed him to his home and as Tony arrived his rear panniers just fell of his bike. They had torn completely and once again the dirt roads had created havoc. While we were trying to get the panniers tied on to Tony’s bike, the locals brought beers. Its like we had a sign around our necks, “PLEASE BRING BEER” Soon we were on our way again, we really wanted that R500.00 for Little Fighter’s, so Philipposis here we come. It was so amazing to see everyone online cheering and willing us on to get to Philippolis and take Craigs money. Thanks Craig we really appreciated the incentive. Next stop was Trompsburg, where the first port of call was a tavern, we needed beer and we were working hard. Once again South Africans showed us that we have an amazing country and BIG Mama was too happy to buy us some beer. Tony and I could not figure out why they called her BIG Mama.

I found the shirts we were wearing in this picture at the shop next to the tavern and we were just so proud to be South African, we had to buy them. So after a few more beers in the scorching heat, we set off for the last leg to Philippolis.

The sun was going down and we could see the church tower in Philippolis sticking out and we knew that we had done it. What a great day, what a great feeling. With all the punishment on the dirt roads, the bikes were just superb. We immediately started looking for accommodation and found the Philippolis Old Jail. Harry, the owner has turned this entire place into accommodation. We chose to sleep in the jail cells, it was my first time in jail, I promise! We had the entire place to ourselves. Tony says he heard some screaming in the middle of the night and he had to sleep with one eye open. We asked Harry where we could get some supper and he immediately got on his phone and booked us a place at Bird’s Haven. Wow what a great meal, we both had Karoo Lamb, because we were now officially in the Upper Karoo. Thanks to the owners, they were more than happy to offer us our meal on the house once Harry had told them what we were doing. Cheers guys we will definitely be back for those chops and that incredible Lemon Meringue Pie.

DAY 10

What an awesome night we had in Philippolis. The next morning early we decided to work on our bikes because we had been pushing them really hard since Bloemfontein and the roads were not easy. Immediately I came across a problem on my bike. I had a crack in my crank case and this is probably why I felt my bike was losing power. Tony in his crazy wisdom, once again brought something on tour which I thought at the time was completely insane, Pratley’s steel putty. Well he mixed some up for me, filled up the crack and my bike was good to go once more.

We decided to take a look around Philippolis town before heading out because it looked really historic and cool, well it is just an incredible place with so much history. I wanted to spend more time there and that was about to happen. While entering the town, Tony stopped and he was checking something around the engine, my immediate thought was , here we go again. I went over to Tony and he said his bike was making a noise again. His clutch was not right again. We removed the clutch cover and once again the clutch bearing had failed. This was very strange to me and when I checked properly, the drive shaft was a little crooked and this obviously was the cause of both failures. We needed a new engine, this one was clearly not going to get Tony to Cape Town. While we were on the side of the road, a lady driving by came to see our bikes. Jaycee, what a wonderful human being. She grew up here and was visiting her parents for the holidays and was driving around town in search of a Christmas present for her mother. It was just meant to be as an extremely exciting time lay ahead of us. Tony and I needed to sit and figure out what do we do next. Jaycee directed us to a little place down the road called the “Rooi Ooi” where we could get a good breakfast and cold beer. Its like she immediately knew who we were and what we wanted. She said we could not miss the place because there is a Rooi Ooi hanging in the tree outside, very interesting. Day 10 To be continued……………….

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 8

We got up early and took Zoot and his cute granddaughter for breakfast. We needed to buy spares and find a bicycle shop to service Tony’s bike. The wheels were all wobbly again and it needed someone that new what they were doing. Zoot took us to Cycle world in Bloemfontein. I have never been in a cycle shop that is so professional and so brilliant at what they do, you guys really rock. If anyone needs anything bicycle related in Bloemfontein, go and see Morne and his team of experts.

The day had gone by very quickly and it was clear the we would not be covering any great distance. I knew of a place just 40km south of Bloemfontein where we could camp but it meant dirt roads again because the only other way was highway. We had learned not to mess with the Free State law. So we made the decision and went for it. The road was rough as expected but we were going really slowly and besides a few punctures, we had another great ride. My bike, ARDmore had been absolutely incredible the whole way so far with only that one minor problem. Tony’s bike had been giving problems since day 2 but was now starting to really go well. We got to Tom’s Place and what a great decision that was to leave Bloemfontein and at least get some riding done. It is one of the cleanest camp sites I have come across and we really enjoyed our stay.

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 7

Today we were determined to make Bloemfontein, we were way behind schedule. We had 140 km to go and nothing was going to stop us! We were having a great ride until I felt a vibration on my bike. We stopped to check it out and found the front drive sprocket nut was loose and it was just hanging on there. Fortunately the drive shaft key we made just outside Kroonstad had not fallen out. Tightened up the nut and off we went again. It wasn’t too long though and this nut came loose again and the bike started to vibrate. It was time to make a plan now. I found a coke lid lying on the ground, cut the “walls” off and used the top as a washer to absorb the vibration. Well it worked and no more stopping, problem solved.

Over all it was a very uneventful day but we were very pleased that we had made Bloemfontein without any problems with the bikes. 140 km covered and our bikes were looking great. Then the “events” started occurring. We entered Bloemfontein and once again needed food and a place to camp. Tony went shopping at the Spar while I stayed outside looking after the bikes. It wasn’t long before there was a crowd that surrounded me and the bikes. The people of Bloemfontein are just amazing people. I was being gifted with bread, bananas, water, fruit juice, cold drinks, chips and some rather strange items. At that stage I wondered if the people of Bloemfontein thought we might be hobos of some sort. We were filthy and it had been a really hot day so we did not look our best. Tony finally came out the store and told me that we had been on OFM, the regional radio station. Someone had come into the store and asked him if we were the crazy guys riding to Cape Town because he had heard of us on the radio. Thanks for the exposure OFM!! Finally we had food and beer again, it was time to find accommodation. One of the gentleman chatting to me outside, diminutive in stature, Jan Fourie said we should go with him and he will ask his landlord if we could camp in his yard. when we arrived there, I was still entering the gate and they closed the gate on me. The bike went down and Jan came running to assist in picking up the bike. Without him realizing he was pushing the hot exhaust and engine onto my legs. I got properly roasted on both legs. The poor guy could not stop apologizing and later that night when we saw him again I thought he was going to cry he felt so bad after seeing my burns. Jan Fourie, if you ever read this, don’t worry bud, my legs are fine and I have some great scars to always remind me how great Bloemfontein was. Unfortunately, Jan’s landlord did not allow us to stay there which made Jan feel even worse. Jan you are a champ and people like you are rare, thank you for trying to help us.

Then we met Zoot, a huge man, not just in stature but in character too. Zoot immediately loved our story and our bikes and donated to Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust. Zoot was not finished with us though. When I went to order some beers at the XXX Bar (not a strip joint by the way, a biker bar) I wanted to pay and the barman informed me that all our drinks for the night were on him. He then offered for us to camp in his back yard. It did not stop there, Zoot put up his own tent and slept on his back lawn with his granddaughter but not before we had an awesome braai. Zoot, you are an incredible human being and I hope we always remain in contact. We had made Bloemfontein and finally things were going our way.

CrazyNomad Joburg to Cape Town Day 6

After a wonder night with the Van der Merwe’s, we managed to get away quite early for a change and we made Kroonstad without any further issues. Arriving in Kroonstad we filled up with fuel and off I went to the liquor store to get some beer (as we do). Here I started chatting to the lady running the store and once again without hesitation she whipped out some cash to donate to Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust. We enjoyed our breakfast with some beer and we hit the road once more.

Now we were heading for Bloemfontein 215 km away. Due to all the breakdowns on the dirt roads, we decided to change our route completely. We made the decision to get on the National highway N1 directly to Bloemfontein to try and make up some lost time. Sounds great, however these bikes are not allowed on the N1 but that was not going to stop us. Our philosophy was lets ask forgiveness and not permission.

So we set off and it was not too long before we reached the sign with Cape Town 1219 km. We knew that we were going to be riding much more that that as we were riding west from Colesburg to get as much of the Karoo as possible. With this detour we were adding close to 400 km onto our trip. But seeing Cape Town on this sign board really cheered us up and we were in high spirits once again. We were determined to get as close to Bloemfontein today. We were riding without hassles, passing one cop after another, most of them hooting and waving at us as they were so intrigued by our bikes they never even thought that what we were doing was against the law. We had pushed our luck too far though. We had passed Welkom and well, it was inevitable, we were pulled over by a cop, we’ll call him Jaques Dup, dont want to give his surname away, he might get into trouble. He was still a very young man and very proud of the job he was doing as an officer of the law. He first informed us that these bikes are not legal because we did not have registration plates, indicators, etc, etc… Naturally we argued because he had no idea what he was talking about. This naturally infuriated him and he called for a truck to come and collect the bikes and impound them. Now I really started to argue and he proceeded to try and prove that he was correct as after all he was an officer of the law. He called the local prosecuting officer and she confirmed that he indeed was correct. I argued some more and he the called the office of the National Prosecuting Officer. Finally someone knew what they were talking about and he had to drop this harassment. However we were not in the clear, this kid was bright and he wanted a piece of us now. He realized that we were on the National Highway and we were indeed breaking the law, oooooops. Now it was time to start asking forgiveness. We explained that we were riding to raise funds for children suffering with cancer and if there was any way he could assist or escort us from the highway, we would be very grateful. He immediately said that he can’t do that but we must take the very next exit. We had dodged a bullet and we agreed that we would get off the N1 immediately, we shook hands and we were friends, thanks Jauques. This forced us to change our route once again and it took us on a dirt road that was probably the worst that we had encountered and the bikes were taking a beating once more.

We were now traveling north (wrong direction) on a terrible dirt towards Virginia. This is not what we needed at this time. I was in good spirits though because we were riding through prestine South African Nature, I was in my element. This part of the trip was exhausting though, temperatures were soaring, our water supplies were low, we had no food and our fuel supplies were very questionable. We made Virginia though and it was all worth it in the end because all of this was adding to this insane adventure that at some weird time in my life I thought might be a great idea.

We got into town, bought some beer and Tony was starting to feel the effects of his big fall in Kragbron. He could hardly walk and just sat down outside the liquor store and drank a cold one ……. or two. I then went in search of food while Tony tried to recover a little. Once I found some Karoo lamb chops and a huge piece of rump steak we loaded the bikes the beer and meat and made our way to a camp site on the river that I had spotted on the way into town. Tikwe Game Lodge, what a great spot. The best part was an ice cold swimming pool, this is just what we needed, and a few beers naturally. We made a great fire, ate like kings, drank a bottle of whiskey and our spirirts were high again. The bikes had really done well and besides a few punctures, I really started to feel like we were going to make it to Cape Town.